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How to improve your home security in 7 steps
When it comes to home security, we often immediately think of a home security system such as cameras and alarms. But there are a few other important factors you can address to ensure your home is well protected to deter intruders.
It might be time to get your whipper snipper out and prune those hedges.
Often what looks aesthetically pleasing in a front yard can be a thief’s golden ticket to breaking and entering your home. You do not want to have great hiding spots in your garden. If you have overgrown trees and heavy bushes it is important to maintain them regularly so that you have a clear view from your window, your neighbour’s have a clear view of your house and your cameras have a clear view of your property. Step outside and view your home from an intruders point of view to see what might appeal to them and get gardening.
You might need an extra barrier in between you and the outside world.
You never want to be only an open door away from a criminal. Adding a second door to your front entrance means you and your family can have a conversation through a protected and locked door with peace of mind. Adding security screens to your windows could be the difference between you and your next-door neighbor’s home being invaded. Security screens are a great deterrent to home invasions because they make it one step harder for burglars to break and enter.
3. DOG
If you need an extra reason to convince your partner to let you get a puppy, here it is.
We’re not encouraging you to buy a dog for the sake of security, but if you’re weighing up the pros and cons of being a fur-parent, here’s another pro for you. Our four-legged friends not only make for great company but are often the greatest preventative to home invasions. Most dogs will let the whole neighborhood know when a stranger walks by and bark the house down for you. If you’re not a pet-person you could always consider purchasing a “beware of dog” sign and sticking it on your side gate, the criminals won’t know the difference.
It sounds so simple because it is!
Yet so many home owners still leave their home unlocked. We recommend always locking your homes. When you leave for work, lock your home. When you go to sleep at night, lock your home. When you go for a walk around the block, lock your home. When you are at home, lock your home. It’s really that simple. Opportunist don’t care if you’re home or not, if they see an unlocked door, they will jump fences at the opportunity to enter. Don’t be a dummy, lock your property.
How lit is your home?
No, we’re not talking about how much it goes off on a Saturday night. We’re talking how much is visible to the naked eye at night. It is no secret that improving street and house lighting reduces crime in fact it has been proven yet so many streets are dully lit. To improve your home lighting, we suggest installing sensor lights out the front of your house. Specifically, under your front porch and in front of your garage so that both points of entry all well-lit whenever there is movement. Sensor lighting is also super handy for you whenever you get home at night. No more needing to put your phone torch on to search for your keys.
We recommend every homeowner to invest in an alarm.
If you want complete peace-of-mind, you need a home alarm. According to SafeWise alarms have a 60% chance of deterring burglars. With a home alarm you can deter intruders in seconds. Most burglars will run a mile once your home siren goes off. But even greater, they often won’t even attempt coming near your home when they realize it is monitored. The greatest asset to your home security system is a working alarm system. Arm your guard at every chance you get. You can arm while your out and you can arm in “stay” mode while you’re home. Contact us for a quote on a home-alarm system today.
The ultimate security system set-up includes a CCTV system.
Home security really begins and ends with CCTV. Security cameras have been proven to be a huge success in deterring criminals from breaking and entering. Our TioC cameras come with smart technology which allows you to set a trip wire on your property so that anytime a human crosses it you will get a notification and your alarm will sound. Your potential thieves will be cacking their dacks never to return to your property again. Contact us today for a quote on a home-CCTV system.
There are many things you can do to ensure your home is well protected. The more security you implement the better protected you will be. Pick what works for you and your budget for now and always aim to improve your home security over time. Our team are always here to answer any questions you may have about your home security set-up. Give us a call today to hear how we can help with your home security.